Why Obama Chose Denver

obama-ritter-signingA few days ago, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law right here in Colorado.  It is unusual for a President to sign a bill outside of Washington, but there is a reason why Denver was chosen to be the scene of this historic moment.  The President wanted to highlight how the stimulus will jumpstart the new energy economy, and Colorado is the model for how strong policy leadership can lead to the creation of thousands of clean energy jobs.

Over the past six years, conservationists here have built a broad coalition including farmers, business leaders, elected officials and everyday citizens to make the case for a renewable energy standard.  When the legislature balked at the renewable energy standard for a third time in 2004, the people of Colorado took the measure to the ballot and won.  This win demonstrated to candidates that clean energy is the perfect marriage of politics and policy and we’ve seen leaders from both sides of the aisle push clean energy policies ever since.

On Tuesday, Namaste Solar’s Blake Jones introduced President Obama.  Namaste is a successful company in its own right, but its success has been aided by the public policies put into place by voters in 2004 and the legislature in 2006.  Good clean energy policy in Colorado is in fact creating new jobs, diversifying our energy supply, and demonstrating the types of policy that this nation needs now.

Thanks to all of our members, volunteers and the people of Colorado who vote their conservation values for making our state a true leader in the new energy economy.  Working together, we created something that is so special that the President decided to sign his top priority bill here, with Colorado Conservation Champions filling the room.  How cool is that?


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